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Xplorelogic Systems engaged into Mobile Application Development since years and developed state of the art applications. One of our big projects – Tracking of Refrigeration & HVAC Systems – is a state of the art application – uses Android and .NET – to repair / replace systems before it can break. This is a big project and VIPSha converted complex job to easy business solutions using their knowledge and expertise.

We have developed our own mobile application development standards so users can use applications with / without InterNet Connection. Applications work so seamlessly even there is no cell phone coverage. We understand user’s requirement in detail and based on that we design and developed very detail system specification report along with screen layout, business logic, database design, etc. Once our design document approved and signed off by customers, customers can seat back, relax and enjoy and we will work like anything to get the job done before time and within budget too.

We also helped companies by giving our mobile application developers to finish their projects. Companies can just hire mobile application developers from Xplorelogic Systems and need to pay just for developer’s time. Developers will work in co-ordination with client’s Manager / Project Managers. If Project is big, customers can hire many developers along with offshore project manager where onsite project manager will co-ordinate and assign all the jobs to offshore project managers. It’s the responsibility of the off shore project manager to distribute the task to offshore team and get it done before time. We have executed so many projects in this way and we guarantee you that we will do whatever we can to see you happy.

Our development Team and QA team will make sure that mobile applications works on most of the mobile devices. We have many different smart phones, iPads, Tablets, etc. to test your application and to make sure that it will work on most of devices. If proper attention is not given than chances are there application may not be supporting wide variety of smart phones / tablets.

We try to develop balanced mobile applications where it uses different technology on the client and different on the server. We have developed many mobile applications with the use of technology like Android, iOS, .NET and SQL Server. Using state of art technology will make sure that your mobile application works seamlessly on Android as well as iOS. It’s very critical to design and develop right strategy for your right mobile applications.


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