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X-PLORE Education

It is a proven fact that, for improving outcomes, the method of instruction and management has to improve. The current scenario with most of the educational institutions, shows a sorry picture concerning this. Most of their faculty and staff is engrossed in administrative burdens, thereby degrading the quality of education. This is a loss for the institute as well as the students.

What is the Solution?

X-PLORE Education >> X-PLORE Logic has come out with a comprehensive solution for the above problem with the launch of Xplore Education which is a web based application pertaining to the subscription model. Institutes from various different avenues can be benefited with the use of this application. The overall burden of management of important data is reduced with the use of this application. Access to vital information is made easy for the institutes as well as the students.

The most important add-on of the product is the facility of advertisements via bulk SMS and Email. Just imagine the money spent on advertisements these days. With X-PLORE Education, things are made easy at a very affordable rate.

Registration model is followed by the system. Every member gets a login id which can be used for getting access to the data. Owners of institutes can login and manage their data vai the site of X-PLORE Education.

Facilities such as student management, faculty management, course management, news and events, photo gallery, online tests etc which require lot of administrative work, are eased with the use of the application. The reporting support gets enhanced for calculating profits, performance of faculty and students alike.

The faculty can also avail of logins for themselves for managing attendance, online test creations, results, performance calculation; reports of students via academic reports feature and so on.

Students too get logins for attending the online tests. They can avail of the results too via the application. They get the option of voicing comments about the institute or the teachers via the feedback form.

Hoarding Management

Ever imagined what a tedious task it is to manage the formalities and implementation of hoardings. Finding locations, vendor management, etc are tasks which are not easy. How would you like to get all this managed with just the click of few buttons of your laptop or desktop? Yes it is true.

The site gives important information regarding the various hoardings in the city via Google Maps and the owners of the hoarding spaces. It also provides information regarding when the space will be free if it is already occupied.

Clients and hoarding vendors have to just register on the site for creating their accounts. Logins will be provided with which they can then X-PLORE the various benefits of the site. Vendors get the facility of managing the information about the hoardings, and the clients can interact with them on these hoarding spaces and other details such as sending requests for booking the space according to the terms and conditions specified by the vendors.

This procedure eases the burden on the vendors as well as the clients as both get the liberty of finding out exactly what is required and what is available and act accordingly in the process, thereby saving precious time and effort.

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